How many benefits can you get from inclusion and diversity?


How many benefits can you get from inclusion and diversity?

How many benefits you can get from inclusion and diversity?  

Mini video-interview with Thais Compoint, CEO and Founder of Déclic International. (2 minutes watch or read).


How do inclusion and diversity help companies navigate global trends?

There are major demographic, cultural and technological trends affecting companies globally today. Just to name a few:

  • Women play an increasingly important role in the economy (women influence 80% of buying decisions)
  • Societies are much more multicultural today. (1 in 10 European residents live outside their countries of birth)
  • Gay marriage is becoming the norm in Western countries (same-sex marriage is possible in 15 countries)
  • New generations that are entering the workforce are digital natives, they have a different relationship to hierarchy, and different expectations when they come to work. (see Millennials report from Pwc).

Companies that embrace diversity and that create this real culture of inclusion taking into account differences in styles and needs are more connected to the world, to their consumers, to the labour market. They can better navigate and anticipate changes.

What are the benefits of inclusion & diversity?

Several studies show that a diverse workforce led inclusively leads to better decision making, increased engagement, retention, productivity, innovation, better products, better services and ultimately better financial results. For instance, companies with more ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to outperform financially according to McKinsey.

That’s the reason why inclusion and diversity are part of the survival kit of any organisation nowadays.


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