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I have a portfolio of training solutions targeting business leaders, line managers, human resources professionals, and teams.

My solutions can be tailored to suit your specific needs and to fit into your corporate training strategy or your executive education portfolio.


Empowering business leaders and managers to understand, value and manage human differences for greater performance.

Length: 1/2 day to 2 days. Participants will be able to: outsmart unconscious biases, assess their inclusive leadership skills, build their personal business case and action plan, accelerate gender balance, manage multi generational and multi cultural teams, adapt to disabilities, create a gay friendly environment.


Enhancing the ability of HR professionals to hire, develop and retain the most qualified and diverse talents.

Length: 1/2 day to 2 days. Participants will be able to make inclusion and diversity assessments and action plans, to coach managers on inclusion and diversity, and to use inclusion & diversity to enhance hiring, on boarding, succession planning, performance reviews, learning and development, engagement…


Enabling every team member to contribute to a culture of inclusion.

This awareness-raising series consists of 1-hour interactive sessions led by managers within their teams, using plug-and-play modules. The sessions trigger team dialogue around inclusion & diversity topics, such as unconscious bias, gender balance, generations, disabilities, cultural awareness, work-life integration...


Delivering inclusion & diversity learning experiences that lead to real shifts in culture, behaviours and performance.

My training solutions are highly interactive, experiential and lead to action. They are suitable for corporations and business schools.

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