2018 Inclusive Leadership Global Conference

15+ world-class speakers sharing their insights on the leadership behaviours to create inclusive cultures.

This pioneering free online event provides business leaders, diversity practitioners and human resources professionals with practical insights to create inclusive cultures, lead successfully diverse teams and increase team performance.

97% of surveyed participants enjoyed last year’s conference!

“I loved the depth and breadth of sessions, and the variety of people who spoke. I also appreciated that I could watch the sessions at my convenience.”

“Access to excellent speakers at my finger tips!”

“What I appreciate the most: global perspectives, knowledgeable experts, practical suggestions and a kindness in delivery vs a more directive approach.”

How it works

  • This pioneering online event will be held from 16 to 20 April 2018.
  • You can access online each day several recorded interviews from your computer, tablet or phone.
  • But you have to register first to get access to the interviews. during the event.

Top 3 reasons to embrace inclusive leadership

  • First, there’s a crisis of traditional leadership models, as several studies show that the reason #1 for unhappiness at work and for quitting a job is the relationship with supervisors.
  • Second, there’s an increasingly robust literature that show’s that diverse teams led inclusively are more engaged, productive and innovative. For instance, according to BITC, employees of inclusive leaders are 84% more engaged, and according to Deloitte, inclusive organisations are 6 times more likely to innovate.
  • Third, there are major global demographic, cultural and technological trends affecting companies. Inclusive leadership is part of the survival kit of successful leaders as it helps them to navigate such trends.

When you register, you get…

  • Free access (16 – 20 April) to 15+ interviews with prominent experts & inspirational business leaders.
  • Daily reminders during the conference so you don’t miss a thing.
  • The bonus chapter “Why Bother About Inclusive Leadership?” from the book “Succeed as an inclusive leader – Winning leadership habits in a diverse world”, by Thais Compoint.

If you miss a session

  • If you can’t watch all the interviews you’d like to during the event from 16-20 April 2018, you can purchase a copy of the conference online box-set, with all the 15+ interviews to listen to at your leisure, whenever and wherever you want.
  • You can either purchase the individual online box-set for your personal use, or the group online box-set if you wish to use the videos within your organisation.
  • Both box-sets are at a +50% discount until the April 30. Their price will more than double after, going from £97,00 to £197,00 for the individual online box-set, and from £970 to £1970 for the group online box-set.
  • Both box-sets come with an exclusive bonus : the session “How to manage effectively a team of introverts and extroverts?” by Thais Compoint.

What you’ll learn will help you to

  • Value and manage more effectively human differences.
  • Attract and engage people of all genders and ages, with different cultures and personalities, among others.
  • Increase engagement, productivity and innovation in your team.
  • Reach your business goals more easily, while bringing out the best in the people around you.

You’ll learn how to

  • Improve your inclusive leadership skills
  • Mitigate your unconscious biases
  • Strengthen your emotional intelligence
  • Accelerate gender balance
  • Manage multiple generations
  • Promote disability inclusion
  • Navigate cross-cultural differences
  • Embrace ethnic diversity
  • Create a faith-friendly environment
  • Build a LGBT+ inclusive culture
  • Support work-life integration

Your host

Thais Compoint is an internationally acclaimed specialist in inclusive leadership. Her achievements have been acknowledged with 14 awards, including the prestigious “2018 Top Global Diversity and Inclusion Leader Award”. Thais spoke at 3 TEDx events. She’s a speaker, facilitator, consultant, the author of the book “Succeed as an inclusive leader”, the creator of the Inclusive Leadership Global Conference  and of the Inclusiveship Academy, and host of the YouTube show and podcast “The Inclusiveship Show”. Last but not least, Thais is the founder and CEO of Déclic International, a global boutique consultancy that she created after leading the Inclusion and Diversity strategies of three Fortune 500 companies: Vinci, Coca-Cola Enterprises and Cisco.

Speakers & Sessions (in progress)

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This ground-breaking online event will be held from 16 – 20 April 2018, and it’s FREE TO ATTEND. You access free interviews online from your computer, tablet or phone. But you have to register first to get access to the interviews.


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