What’s the key ingredient to drive inclusion and diversity?

Interview with Thais Compoint, CEO and Founder of Déclic International.

What’s the key ingredient to drive inclusion and diversity in companies?

The key ingredient for an effective inclusion & diversity strategy is without a doubt, developing inclusive leaders.  They set the tone and have a massive impact on building an inclusive culture.

Could you describe an inclusive leader?

Inclusive leaders have clarity on what they are talking about when it comes to inclusion and diversity, why it matters, where they are, where they want to go and how.

Inclusive leaders understand the underlying inclusion and exclusion mechanisms that are common across differences, that’s why they are very good at managing differences, in gender, generations cultural and religious differences, etc. They see the connexion between these topics, they don’t see them as isolated.

They role model the inclusive habits that give life to inclusion in different management situations. For example, when they are recruiting they ask for a list of diverse candidates, they know talent comes in all shapes. They mentor people from different backgrounds. During meetings they reach out to the introverts.

What else is needed to drive inclusion and diversity?

Of course inclusive leaders are not super-heroes. To drive inclusion and diversity, you need alignment in the whole ecosystem. You need inclusive managers, inclusive teams and you also inclusive HR processes, policies and communications.

But developing inclusive leaders is an accelerator. And if you’re looking for lasting results you should focus on developing inclusive leaders.

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