The Inclusiveship Show – Episode #2

THE INCLUSIVESHIP SHOW – PRACTICAL INSIGHTS TO MAKE INCLUSION HAPPEN IN THE BUSINESS WORLD, empowered by Déclic International (www.declicinternational.local)

What does it really work when it comes to creating truly inclusive and diverse organisations?
How to overcome common obstacles and avoid common mistakes?
Hear from industry leaders the dos and don’ts that they’ve learnt on their journey.
The Inclusiveship Show is a bi-weekly and bilingual (English and French) Youtube show and podcast. It’s released every first and third Thrusday of every month.


Asif Sadiq, Head of Diversity and Inclusiveness EY Financial Services, UK.
Asif is a Multi Award winning, Diversity and Inclusion expert with a background in establishing and sustaining stability across international relations, diversity and inclusion of public and private platforms as well as creating an equal and diverse synergy between cross functional operations; a recognised leader of prevention through engagement and managed solutions with a grounded knowledge in diverse communities.


Thais Compoint is an internationally acclaimed specialist in inclusive leadership. Her achievements have been acknowledged with 14 awards world-wide, including the prestigious “2018 Top Global Diversity and Inclusion Leader Award”. She’s a speaker, author, facilitator, and consultant with over 18 years of experience. Thais spoke at three TEDx events, is the author of “Succeed as an inclusive leader”, the creator of the Inclusive Leadership Global Conference and of the Inclusiveship Academy, and the host of the YouTube show and podcast “The Inclusiveship Show”. Last but not least, Thais is the founder and CEO of Déclic International, a global boutique consultancy that she founded after leading the inclusion & diversity strategies of three Fortune 500 companies: Vinci, Coca-Cola Enterprises and Cisco.

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