How to become an inclusive leader

The winning leadership habits in a diverse world

A guide for business leaders to attracting and inspiring diverse people.

  • Have you ever asked yourself what else you could do to motivate your team members?
  • Have you ever wished that your team could accomplish more in less time?
  • Have you ever longed for a more innovative team?

Inclusive leadership can help you with all of that. Studies show that inclusion and diversity increase engagement, productivity and innovation in teams.

This book focuses on the habits you can practice every day, the baby steps you can take anywhere, to create an inclusive culture and boost your team’s performance as a result.

It’s grounded on the latest research and packed with real-life examples, concrete tips and practical tools.

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As an inclusive leader you will:

  • Attract, inspire and influence men and women of all ages, with different cultures, abilities and lifestyles
  • Increase engagement, productivity and innovation in your team
  • Reach your business goals more easily, while bringing out the best in the people around you

This book is for your you if you are:

  • An open-minded business leader or manager looking for new ways to increase engagement, productivity and creativity in your team.
  • A human resources professional or an inclusion and diversity practitioner looking for effective strategies to create an inclusive culture.
  • A curious human being, looking for a refreshing perspective on inclusion and diversity, and wishing to contribute to a more inclusive world, where people feel free to be themselves and valued, no matter how different they are.

You will learn how to:

  • Assess and improve your inclusive leadership skills
  • Mitigate your unconscious biases
  • Accelerate gender balance
  • Manage multiple generations
  • Promote disability inclusion
  • Navigate cross-cultural differences
  • Embrace ethnic diversity
  • Create a faith-friendly environment
  • Build a LGBT inclusive culture
  • Support work-life integration

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